Dr. Olaya took over my treatment when Dr. Harness retired. She’s always been very friendly and efficient. Because it’s been 5 years, I’ll only be seeing her once a year now.

– Susan S.

Very happy with my results and the doctors care.

– Abby M.

Dr. Olaya has truly been a blessing to me. Her energy and positive attitude always brings a smile to my face. Dr. Olaya has alway been available to answer any questions and explains everything. My recent surgery went as smoothly as promised. I highly recommend Dr. Olaya for your surgical needs, whether it be for cancer or plastic surgery. As my son stated, Dr. Olaya is very informative and very attentive to detail for both the patient and family and friends. She’s amazing because she makes the daunting path of cancer, treatment, and recovery a guided and safe journey. This is really helpful because when your friends and family feel confident about what is happening, they can really inspire the patient to feel strong

– H E.

Dr. Olaya is a knowledgeable, and GIFTED surgeon. I am young and believed there was no hope for me. She saved my life with a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. And the best part, for me, is that I actually look BETTER than I did before. I actually love the way I look even after everything I have been through. That is something I never thought could be possible. I am grateful to her and her incredible staff, Thank you.

– Andy A.

If you are searching for a female physician who exemplifies the definitions of empathetic, sensitive, patient, caring, and loving you have found the right website. I found Dr. Olaya to have all of these attributes plus many more. From my first visit (diagnosed with ductal carcinoma of the right breast), and with an insurance coverage problem (she went toe-to-toe with the insurance person who refused to cover my care and treatment and got the insurance decision reversed), she never abandoned me and always reassured me that she would take control of my care and be with me to the end of treatment. She has kept her word and more, because she just completed bilateral simple mastectomies with reconstruction on February 11, 2019, and was there when I registered at the hospital, prior to surgery in the preoperative suite, in the operating room, and even 4 hours after surgery to check on my incisions. How many surgeons/physicians have given you that kind of care???? That is why I can say without any reservations that Dr. Olaya is one of those rare physicians whom you want to cross your life’s path. She will not disappoint you.

– Judith R.