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Skin Cancer and Mole Removal Q & A

My doctor has referred me to Dr. Olaya for a skin excision procedure or biopsy, what does this mean?

Either your dermatologist or primary care doctor can refer you to Dr. Olaya for a skin excision procedure of a lesion, mole or cyst. This is an in office procedure in which the area of concern is numbed with a local anesthetic, next the lesion, skin and surrounding tissue is excised (cut out with a scalpel or punch biopsy) and lastly the skin and tissue are closed with sutures. It is important that enough tissue is excised around the margins of the lesion to ensure that the entire lesion is removed. Cancer guidelines require at least 3-5 millimeters of clear tissue around the skin cancer are negative. The tissue sample is then sent to an outside pathologist to determine your diagnosis. Results of your pathology can take up to two weeks.

How many moles, lesions or biopsies can I have removed in one visit?

For the health, safety and comfort of the patient, we allow only two skin excision procedures in one visit.

Does Dr. Olaya do Mohs surgery?

No, Dr. Olaya does not do Mohs surgeries. But we can refer you to a few surgeons who do specialize in this procedure.

What are my restrictions after a skin excision procedure?

Generally, Dr. Olaya allows her patients to take a shower 24 hours after the procedure and workout the next day, without restrictions. The only restriction she asks of her patients is not to submerge the incision in ANY body of water, this includes pools, jacuzzis, bath tubs, lakes and ocean.

What can I do after the skin excision procedure to improve the appearance of my scar?

The best way to prevent scarring is to keep your new incision out of the sun! Apply sunscreen, wear sun-protective hats and clothing, and stay in the shade when possible. Dr. Olaya also sells BIOCORNEUM cream which prevents and minimizes the appearance of hypertrophic (red, raised) scars. BIOCORNEUM also contains SPF 30, and should be applied twice a day.